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Do I need to book my trip in advance? 

Yes. Any trip requires a prior preparation, so advance booking is necessary. Booking should be made at least a week before the travel. Seats are limited, therefore your participation shall be confirmed by a 50% advance payment. Should you cancel your participation less than 7 days before the departure, the advance payment will not be refunded.

For travels along the border with Ukraine (Naslavcea-Soroca) or Romania (Corpaci-Duruitoarea), booking should be confirmed no later than 14 days before the departure. This is because a personal permit is required for anyone who travels within the border area. A full prepayment is required for this type of travels.

How do I book a short trip along the Dniester River?

Short trips along the Dniester River are usually organized during weekends, subject to the availability of the catamaran. We recommend that you check the possibility of booking a trip in Vadul lui Voda or Molovata a day before your arrival.
No prepayment is required. The time and the itinerary are negotiated individually. Itineraries can be found here.
If you are already in the resort area, please contact us, we will inform you about available trips ASAP.
It should be borne in mind that the catamaran is not always located in the resort area, so please contact us to check the availability of river trips in advance.

How do I book my travel?

You can book your participation on the program page of the selected travel, or contact us by email, any messenger
or call +373 79406840

Method of payment

At the moment, we only accept cash payments. Online payments will soon be available.
For legal entities, it is possible to pay by bank transfer to a bank account.

Is there a discount for children?

Children can travel aboard only if accompanied by and under the full responsibility of their parents.
Children under the age of 10 are offered a 50% discount if they do not take a passenger seat on the catamaran or minibus. Additional seats will be prepared for them on the catamaran.
Children under the age of 5 can travel aboard only if the rest of the crew are members of one family or close relatives.
We set this requirement because the crew's comfort is important for us.

What is included in the travel?

All relevant information about the organization of the travel is provided on the page of the respective program.
Our travels include meals, accommodation in a comfortable mobile campsite, transfers, entrance tickets and a guided tour, and all the required permits for staying in the border area. The price does not include insurance, hotel accommodation (where possible), hotel transfers.

What should I take with me on a travel?

From personal gear, you only need a sleeping bag, a headlamp, and an individual first aid kit. If any of this is missing, it does not matter, everything can be rented. If you like, you can take a thermal cup for hot drinks aboard. When traveling, you should have proper clothing and shoes for trekking and swimming, sunscreen cream, a hat, and sunglasses.
A list of personal items is discussed with each participant before the travel, so it will be difficult for you to forget about anything. Any organizational details, including the list of personal items and food preferences, are discussed individually in a closed online group or with the expedition leader directly.
We are interested in your comfort and pay attention to the preparation and realization of each travel.

What about the meals for the travelers?

The menu is negotiated with the group of participants in advance. As a rule, we offer English or continental breakfasts, lunch rations with drinks, and meat or fish with grilled vegetables for dinner. Your travel will start with a glass of Moldovan wine. A vegetarian menu is also possible and negotiated individually. We serve coffee or tea on board.
Menu options always depend on the itinerary and the crew's decision.

Can my travel be postponed due to weather conditions? 

The weather forecast is usually updated a week before the travel. We monitor this and decide whether to depart or not depending on the weather conditions. In the summer, short-term rains do not particularly affect travel, and as a rule, we do not cancel the departure because of this. In spring or autumn, it is more difficult, and it is possible to change the travel dates during this season. In case of bad weather and heavy precipitation, we will postpone the trip, in agreement with the group, to another available date that is convenient for all participants. If no appropriate dates are found, we will refund the full amount.

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