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Остров на Днестре в Наславче, Молдова

Naslavchea — Soroca.
Catamaran travel on the Dniester River

Nalavchea — Rudi — Tatarauca Noua — Cosautsi — Soroca


4 days


7 pers.


255 euro




We will spend four days traveling along the river on a comfortable catamaran. Will see some picturesque gorges, visit Moldovan monasteries and dive into a colorful atmosphere of the city of Soroca. The overnight will be organized in a cozy mobile campsite with a shower, toilet, camping furniture, and comfortable sleeping places.
You can learn more about the organization of our camp


  • transfer by a comfortable mini-bus

  • permit for staying in the border area

  • meals

  • common first aid kit

  • comfortable catamaran with engine

  • excursion program, including entrance tickets

  • accommodation in a comfortable mobile campsite (shower, toilet, furniture, special beds for sleeping, tents)

  • instructor and guide services


  • you need a personal identity document for the border area

  • children under the age of 16 are allowed only when accompanied by parents.

  • children under the age of 10 are given a 50% discount if they do not take a passenger seat. Comfortable additional seats will be prepared on the catamaran for children.

  • children under the age of 5 can be taken aboard only if the crew are members of one family or close relatives.

  • menu is negotiated at the preparation stage, before the departure.


  • insurance

  • hotel accommodation

  • drinks

  • personal gear (rental is available)

  • tips (optional)


  • clothing for trekking and swimming

  • shoes for trekking and swimming

  • sunscreen, cap, sunglasses

  • other personal gear (sleeping bag, headlamp)

  • individual first aid kit


Day 1. Kishinev — Naslavchea

In the middle of the day, we will go to the village of Naslavchea — the northernmost point of Moldova. On our way, we will watch the Moldovan codru (woods) gradually give way to the steppe, and in the very north, we will see high hills and green valleys. Upon arrival, we will walk to admire the sun setting down over a heart-shaped island in the Dniester Valley and houses of Naslavchea, which are scattered around on the hills, reminding us of Albanian mountain villages.

The sunset over the Dniester valley will be crowned by fine Moldovan wine and a light snack. Having enjoyed the view, we will go down to the tent camp and discuss the upcoming route around the campfire.

For dinner, we will have grilled trout and vegetables. For here, in Naslavchea, there is the one and only trout farm in Moldova.

Optional hotel accommodation is available. But, believe us, you will remember the bonfire under the starry sky for a long time! In addition, our camp is quite comfortable. Read more about it

a heart-shaped island in the Dniester Valley, Naslavchea, Moldova

Day 2. Naslavchea — Rudi — Tatarauca Noua

Those who hunt for beautiful sunrises and unusual photos can once again go to the plateau above Naslavchea in the early morning, where they will capture the dawn panorama of the Dniester. In spring and early autumn, at dawn, fog often creeps picturesquely over the river. However, even those who stay in the camp can enjoy a beautiful view of the high bank of the Dniester River, with a thousand-year-old Lyadovsky rock monastery hiding in its steep slopes.

rafting on the Dniester river, Moldova

Today we will spend about four hours on the river. Near the end of the route, we will visit a picturesque gorge, the rocky slopes of which are covered with relict forest. In the depths of the gorge, there is a functional Rudi convent with a magnificent church — a rare and striking example of Moldovan architecture of the 18th century. The way to it lies through numerous cascades, washed-out limestone pools, the purest natural springs. The unique landscape of the Rudi Gorge is one of the most beautiful protected areas in Moldova.

After visiting the monastery, we will stop to rest at one of the cascades, where you can swim in the clear cool water and have a picnic before continuing the journey.

functional Rudi convent, Moldova sights
a gorge in the Rudi forest, a nature reserve of Moldova

Then we will head on down the river to the village of Tatarauca Noua. Here we will stop at the foot of a high rocky hill with an ancient city on its top. Scientists suggest that this is one of the largest ancient cities of the entire Black Sea region — Maetonium, marked on the maps of the historian and geographer Claudius Ptolemy in the second century AD. Archaeologists have led the digs here for over fifty years, and the finds never cease to amaze. Next to our parking lot, there is another picturesque gorge, at the entrance to which we will see the ramparts of Germanarium, a sacred ancient Russian hillfort of the 10th century.

In the evening, everyone can enjoy a beautiful sunset from a vantage point on a high rocky promontory above the Dniester River. When darkness falls, we'll gather around the campfire. We will clearly have something to discuss!

river sunset, travel around Moldova

Day 3. Tatarauca Noua — Cosautsi

In the morning, we board the catamaran again. The Dniester River here still flows in a narrow valley with steep rocky banks. Villages are less common, and the untouched and pristine nature creates a sense of serenity. While rafting on the river, we will see a huge number of birds on the banks, and our instructor will help you learn their species and names.

We will go the same distance on the Dniester as on the previous day — about forty kilometers. On the way, we will admire those very views for which this route was elaborated. You will see the river that can really open up only during the rafting. A completely different, unusual landscape of Moldova, which can only be seen from the river.


In the second half of the day, we will stop at the village of Cosauti at the camp which will have been set and waiting for us. Nearby, there is an 18th-century monastery. We can visit it or take a walk through a beautiful old forest along the riverbank.

In the evening, we will gather for dinner around the campfire. Optionally, guests can stay at a hotel in Soroca.

Day 4. Cosautsi — Soroca — Kishinev

In Soroca — a city on the Dniester — the medieval fortress of the fifteenth century and the unusual atmosphere of the Gypsy district compete for primacy among the tourist attractions. We will start with the fortress, where we will learn about the history of the place, enjoy the views of the city and the river from its walls.

Soroca fortress on the Dniester River, Moldova

Next, we will visit one of the most unusual places in Eastern Europe. A mixture of architectural styles from all over the world in the most controversial execution is waiting for us in the capital of the Moldovan Gypsies. Only here you can find original copies-caricatures of many famous buildings of the world: the Moscow Bolshoi Theater, the St. Petersburg Admiralty and St. Isaac's Cathedral, the American Capitol, European castles, and Chinese pagodas. Griffins, antique statues, Greek columns, all kinds of lions, crocodiles, and even yet another Belgian boy pissing found a place there. If we are lucky, we will also meet the Baron himself, in whose courtyard we can find two rare ‘Chayka’ - government limousines from Andropov's garage. Every now and then the surroundings will remind you of Emir Kusturica’s movies.

gypsy house in Soroca, Moldova
gypsy house in Soroca, Moldova

We'll finish our tour at the new attraction of Soroca — the Thanksgiving Candle. From here you can enjoy a wonderful view of the meandering Dniester, the city of Soroca, and the landscapes of the Ukrainian coast.

Our journey ends here, and we head to Chisinau.


On request, we will organize a tasting in Itzik Oxinoit’s wine cellar and a tour of the Chisinau at Night.

The Thanksgiving Candle, Soroca, Moldova, the view on the Dniester

You can always join other Dniester adventures from the travel section on our website.

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