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comfortable camp

how it works

Modern camping equipment allows you to feel home comfort amidst the wilderness. The new style of mobile camping eliminates the typical hardships of traditional tourism and, at the same time, retains all the things that hiking is loved for — great landscapes, communication with nature, gatherings around the campfire. In the trips we organize, the travelers arrive at a ready-set camp for the night and spend their free time chatting with friends and contemplating the beautiful environs.

Comfortable Overnight Stay

double or single accommodation in a tent with comfortable camping beds

camping on the Dniester River, comfortable camp in Moldova
camping bed, comfortable camp, Moldova
tent, comfortable camp
camping bed, Moldova
double occupancy in a tent, Moldova

double or solo accommodation in a comfortable tent

comfortable camping beds with pillows

Shower and Toilet

warm shower, comfortable hand-washer, and super-clean toilet

taking a shower while on a trip is no longer a problem

a hand-washer with
soap dispenser

shower cubicle, comfortable camp, Moldova
shower in the campsite, Moldova
WC cubicle, comfortable camp, Moldova
super-clean WC for camping, Moldova
tourist shower, camping Moldova
washstand, camping Moldova

 a perfect rush of water
in the camp shower

a super-clean toilet
with a flush, without unpleasant odors

special tents are
2 m high

camping with shower and toilet, Moldova, Dniester
nice people

Recreation and Meals

camp table for 8 persons, comfortable camp chairs, barbecue, refrigerator, kitchenware and tableware

cool drinks

large table for
8 persons

rest by the river, Moldova
campfire, Moldova
camp table for 8 persons, comfortable camp, Moldova
outdoor barbecue in the campsite
camp table for 8 persons, comfortable camp, Moldova
camping chair
portable car refrigerator camping in Moldova

camping chairs

outdoor barbecue

Electricity and Illumination

night illumination of pathways, solutions for charging electronic devices

Якорь 2
outdoor charging equipment

there are no problems with charging your devices

paths and important objects on the campsite are illuminated

paths and important objects on the campsite are illuminated

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