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Прутские толтры, экскурсии по Молдове

Corpaci — Duruitoarea.
Catamaran travel on the Prut River

Corpaci — Duruitoarea — Varatic — Duruitoarea


2 days


7 pers.


210 euro




We will spend two days traveling along one of the most beautiful sections of the Prut River. Rafting on the river is combined with hiking through picturesque canyons, visiting grottoes, small waterfalls, and places with a panoramic view of the landscape reserve. The overnight will be organized in a cozy mobile campsite with a shower, toilet, camping furniture, and comfortable sleeping places. You can learn more about the organization of our camp here.


  • transfer by a comfortable mini-bus

  • permit for staying in the border area

  • meals

  • common first aid kit

  • comfortable catamaran with engine

  • excursion program, including entrance tickets

  • accommodation in a comfortable mobile campsite (shower, toilet, furniture, special beds for sleeping, tents)

  • instructor and guide services


  • you need a personal identity document for the border area

  • children under the age of 16 are allowed only when accompanied by parents.

  • children under the age of 10 are given a 50% discount if they do not take a passenger seat. Comfortable additional seats will be prepared on the catamaran for children.

  • children under the age of 5 can be taken aboard only if the crew are members of one family or close relatives.

  • menu is negotiated at the preparation stage, before the departure.


  • insurance

  • hotel accommodation

  • drinks

  • personal gear (rental is available)

  • tips (optional)


  • clothing for trekking and swimming

  • shoes for trekking and swimming

  • sunscreen, cap, sunglasses

  • other personal gear (sleeping bag, headlamp)

  • individual first aid kit


Day 1. Kishinev — Corpaci — Duruitoarea

In the morning, we will take a minibus to the north of Moldova, to the picturesque Stinca-Costesti reservoir on the Prut River. This natural area is known for numerous rocky gorges and a ridge of high hills — the remnants of the barrier reef of the ancient Sarmatian Sea. Coral reefs, or toltry, have formed a unique landscape in the beds of small rivers flowing into the Prut. Among hikers, these places are known as "Semirechye", or the Seven Rivers, according to the number of the most picturesque tributaries of the Prut.

Coral reefs or toltry on the Stinca-Costesti reservoir on the Prut River

By the noon, we arrive at the village of Corpaci, where the Racovat, one of the Seven Rivers, flows into the Prut. Here we will launch the catamaran and organize a small picnic before sailing.

Literally, immediately after the start of the rafting, you will find yourself in a pristine wilderness. Access to the border zone between Moldova and Romania is currently limited. And in the Soviet period, few people could get here at all, except for patrolling border guards. The western border of the USSR was strictly guarded. In the course of our movement, right in the deep stream of the river, we will see traces of the borderline in the form of massive buoys with Soviet symbols on them.

Prut River toltry, Moldova

By Rakovat, a tributary, we will enter the Prut, and after a few hours of rafting down the river, you will see a panoramic view of the reservoir right in front of you. The water here is clean, almost sea-colored, and with a slight wind, there is a strong feeling that you are sailing on the sea. We will navigate around a peninsula near the village of Duruitoarea Noua and stop for the night at the mouth of the Ciugur River. Here you will be able to swim, relax and admire the stunning sunset.

Costesti reservoir on the Prut River, the North of Moldova

Day 2. Duruitoarea — Varatic — Duruitoarea

Today we will go up the Ciugur River. The height of the rocky banks of the river, in some places, reaches more than 100 meters. The bizarre shapes of weathered limestone create amazing views that can only be seen from the water. Despite the proximity of the villages, the riverbed is a real wildlife reserve. Here you can see a lot of wild herons, storks, cormorants, and eagles or falcons soaring over the rocks. 

River Rafting on a catamatan, Moldova

Near the village of Varatic, we will dock to the shore and walk through a small gorge to several cascades and grottoes hidden in the rocks. Depending on the season, the water level in the Ciuguret river may fall, but even if there is no water at all, the local landscape is still very impressive.

Cascades and grottoes on Ciuguret river
Ciugur River, weekend in Moldova

We will have a hike and return to the catamaran and continue our journey downstream, going back. We will arrive to our camp and organize a picnic on the shore of the reservoir, and after a short rest, we will continue exploring the nearby sightseeings. 

Grotto neanderthal in Duruitoarea, Prut River, Moldova

In the afternoon, we will go to the gorge of the Volovat river, which has formed a picturesque canyon with several high cascades. A breathtaking view of the reservoir opens from the rocky peaks of the canyon. Along the top of a hilly ridge approaching the canyon, we will pass to a place known as a station of the Neanderthals and Homo Sapiens — the ancestors of modern humans — who lived here 50-40 thousand years ago. This place is located in a large grotto above the village of Duruitorea. Tools of early humans were found here, as well as bones of bison, reindeer, cave bear, and other animals they hunted. On the site, our guide will tell you more about the history of these places.

Late in the evening, we will return to Chisinau, sharing our impressions on the way and discussing plans for upcoming trips to Moldova and more.

Ciugur River near Varatic village, Costesti-Stanca reservoir, Moldova

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