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сплав по Днестру на катамаране в Молдове

Vadul lui Voda — India.
Catamaran travel on the Dniester River

Vadul lui Voda — Dubasarii Vechi — India — Sherpeni


2 days


7 pers.


150 euro




This two-day itinerary is suitable for those who want to relax on the river and enjoy the wildlife of the Lower Dniester. Floodplain forests, river islands, and a variety of wild birds will accompany us throughout the journey. 
The overnight will be organized in a cozy mobile campsite with a shower, toilet, camping furniture, and comfortable sleeping places. You can learn more about our camp here.


  • transfer by a comfortable mini-bus

  • meals

  • common first aid kit

  • comfortable catamaran with engine

  • excursion program, including entrance tickets

  • accommodation in a comfortable mobile campsite (shower, toilet, furniture, special beds for sleeping, tents)

  • instructor and guide services


  • children under the age of 16 are allowed only when accompanied by parents.

  • children under the age of 10 are given a 50% discount if they do not take a passenger seat. Comfortable additional seats will be prepared on the catamaran for children.

  • children under the age of 5 can be taken aboard only if the crew are members of one family or close relatives.

  • menu is negotiated at the preparation stage, before the departure.


  • insurance

  • hotel accommodation

  • drinks

  • personal gear (rental is available)

  • tips (optional)


  • clothing for trekking and swimming

  • shoes for trekking and swimming

  • sunscreen, cap, sunglasses

  • other personal gear (sleeping bag, headlamp)

  • individual first aid kit


Day 1. Kishinev — Vadul lui Voda — Dubasarii Vechi

This itinerary starts from the main beach of the resort area in Vadul lui Voda. We will spend the whole day on a comfortable catamaran, watching the life on the banks of the river, stopping in interesting places, swimming on wild beaches.

rafting on the Dniester, River Travel Club catamaran

Preserved islands of floodplain forests and wide meadows along the banks, pristine river islands, and diversity of wild birds encountered along the way will help you plunge into a different world and discover some bizarre landscapes created by the river flow.

In the evening, we will stop in our comfortable camp on one of the green glades of the floodplain forest.

storks on the Dniester, travel across Moldova
gray heron on the Dniester, Moldova

Day 2. Dubasarii Vechi — India — Sherpeni — Kishinev

In the morning, we'll have to check our itinerary with the map. Today we are heading... to India! A name you would least expect for a village in Bessarabia. Nobody remembers its origins. However, the locals are well versed in geography and — reasonable enough — called the adjacent settlement Pakistan. After all, if you move from west to east, first you come to Pakistan, of course. So, you will be overwhelmed by feeling yourself a pioneer in these places.

Dniester inferior, Moldova

On the way, we will have time to talk about the events of two hundred years ago. At that time, the lower part of the Dniester River flowed through the Tatar lands — the nomadic Nogai hordes of Yedisan and Budzhak. The consequences of the Russian-Turkish wars greatly changed the composition of the population, but the Tatar names of places are still recognizable. Tombasar, Tashlyk, Ass-beg, Batyr — these are some only slightly changed names of the villages that we will sail by today. During the trip, our guide will tell you more about other similar names and about the history of the Nogais in the lower reaches of the Dniester River.

At the end of the day, we will visit the Sherpeni beachhead — a memorial in memory of the twelve thousand Soviet soldiers who died during the Iasi-Kishinev operation in 1944. The memorial stands on the high bank of the Dniester River, from which you can clearly see the course of the river for many kilometers. From that point, it becomes clear how difficult it was to take this height.

sunset over the Dniester, Sherpeni bridgehead, Moldova

Our route ends in Sherpeni and we return to Kishinev. We arrive in the capital late in the evening. Upon arrival, we can organize a tasting in Itzik Oxinoit's wine cellar or the evening city tour. 

You can always join other Dniester adventures from the travel section on our website.

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