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rental rules


  1. The rental period is calculated from the day the equipment is delivered to the day of its actual return. The equipment shall be returned before 11:00 am. Any delay will be charged with an additional day of rental. Should you return the equipment before the agreed time, the rental will not be reduced.

  2. The rental shall be paid in cash at the time of delivery of the equipment. You may find the cost of one day of rental for a unit of equipment on the site.

  3. A deposit will be required together with the rental charge. The amount of the deposit depends on the rented set and, as a rule, is worth 30-50% of its market value. Please specify the deposit amount by calling +37379406840.

  4. Passport is required to sign a rental contract. The customer is financially responsible for the safety of the equipment from its delivery to its return.

  5. The customer and the owner shall thoroughly inspect the equipment upon its delivery and return. Any detected defects shall be documented in the annex to the contract.

  6. In case of any damage to the equipment, the repair shall be ensured at the customer's expense. Should the functional properties and exterior of the damaged equipment cannot be restored, the deposit will not be refunded to the customer.

  7. All equipment must be returned dry and free of mud. Should it be returned dirty or wet, the cost of one additional day of rental shall be charged.

  8. Lost items shall be charged at their full market value, including the shipping costs.

  9. Delivery of equipment is possible within Kishinev. The cost of this service is 50 lei.

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