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Река Реут в Старом Орхее, Молдова

Lopatna — Old Orhei.
Catamaran travel on the Dniester River

Lopatna — Molovata — Old Orhei


2 days


7 pers.


190 euro




On this journey, you will see some picturesque landscapes of two rivers. In two days we will ride by catamaran along the wide channel of the Dniester River and then head to the Old Orhei, where the most famous nature reserve of Moldova is located in the meanders of the Reut River. This itinerary offers some of the best panoramic views of the country.
The overnight will be organized in a cozy mobile campsite with a shower, toilet, camping furniture, and comfortable sleeping places. You can learn more about our camp here.


  • transfer by a comfortable mini-bus

  • meals

  • common first aid kit

  • comfortable catamaran with engine

  • excursion program, including entrance tickets

  • accommodation in a comfortable mobile campsite (shower, toilet, furniture, special beds for sleeping, tents)

  • instructor and guide services


  • children under the age of 16 are allowed only when accompanied by parents.

  • children under the age of 10 are given a 50% discount if they do not take a passenger seat. Comfortable additional seats will be prepared on the catamaran for children.

  • children under the age of 5 can be taken aboard only if the crew are members of one family or close relatives.

  • menu is negotiated at the preparation stage, before the departure.


  • insurance

  • hotel accommodation

  • drinks

  • personal gear (rental is available)

  • tips (optional)


  • clothing for trekking and swimming

  • shoes for trekking and swimming

  • sunscreen, cap, sunglasses

  • other personal gear (sleeping bag, headlamp)

  • individual first aid kit


Day 1. Kishinev — Lopatna — Molovata

In the morning, we will start from Chisinau to the village of Lopatna, which is located on the bank of the Dniester River near the Coblen Nature Reserve. Two hours later we will unload our stuff and launch the catamaran.

Today we will spend the whole day traveling on the river. First, we will go a short distance upstream and stop at the entrance to a deep gorge, accessible only from the water.

Dniester near the village of Lopatna, travel across Moldova

This wild gorge is a home for birds of prey — several types of eagles and hawks nest there. Many species of the fauna of the reserve are included in the Red Books of various countries of Eastern Europe.

After walking along the gorge, we return to the catamaran and head downstream. The Dniester River here becomes wide, its banks are covered by reeds, where wild birds hide and feed. Along the way, we will see many herons, storks, cormorants, swans, and wild ducks.

rafting on the Dniester in Moldova by River Travel Club catamaran

Downstream, we will find ourselves in the picturesque Goian Bay, where the Iagorlic Nature Reserve is located. The wild nature of the river, with lots of birds and vegetation on the banks, makes this site particularly picturesque.  The pristine beauty of these places can only be seen from the river.

wild ducks on the Dniester, Moldova
gray heron on the Dniester, travel across Moldova

The width of the Dniester River within the Dubasari Water Reservoir reaches more than a kilometer, the banks are often flat, but we will also see some very high ones on the way. The most beautiful rocks on this site are located near the village of Molovata. Their white chalk spurs dent deep into the river, and the transparency of the water allows you to observe their grottos and bizarre protrusions.

We will stop for the night in a beautiful meadow, near the river bank. We will have the opportunity to swim, enjoy a pleasant evening by the water and discuss the past day by the campfire under the huge starry sky.

Dniester river view, travel around Moldova

Day 2. Molovata — Old Orhei — Kishinev

After a late breakfast, we pack our bags and take a comfortable bus for an excursion to the Old Orhei Nature Reserve. On the way, we will stop at a place with a panoramic view of the wide Dniester meander. Here you will feel the difference between the perception of the landscape from the water and the high banks of the river.

Then our way lies to the valley of the river Reut. Old Orhei is a half-hour drive from the Dniester River. The place is known for its picturesque landscape and amazing history.

Reut river, Old Orhei, Moldova

In the 14th century, one of the cities of the Golden Horde flourished here. It was the capital of the classical Eastern appearance with the largest mosque in the entire Horde, a caravanserai, mausoleums, and hammams, it also had its own mint. Shehr-al-Jedid al-Mahrusa, which in Arabic means the New God-Saved City. We will walk through the central part of the city, learn about its fascinating history, and will see what has survived to this day. Then we will go to the fortress of the Moldovan period, from where beautiful views of the river valley open. Here our guide will tell you about the history of the Moldovan city of Old Orhei.

In the steep cliffs of the Reut Valley, there are several ancient cave complexes. In ancient times, the Thracians here arranged a kind of rock tombs. With the advent of Christianity, as in the whole Dniester area, they were replaced by the first monasteries. We will climb to the high rocky promontory above the Reut, take a walk in the labyrinths of the rock monastery, and come out to the observation point, which offers a breathtaking panorama of the landscape reserve.

Moldovan traditional house in Butucheni, Old Orhei
the rocky monastery from Old Orhei, Moldova

Then we will go down to the Butuceni ethnographic reserve — an open-air museum of rural Moldovan architecture. Here you can taste national cuisine and if desired, taste homemade Moldovan wines.

At sunset, we will walk to the observation point, where the highest cliffs offer the best view of the landscape reserve. We will admire the sunset and return to Kishinev.

the sunset in Old Orhei, travel across Moldova

We arrive in the capital late in the evening. Upon arrival, we can organize a tasting in Itzik Oxinoit's wine cellar or the evening city tour.

You can always join other Dniester adventures from the travel section on our website.

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