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Бендерская крепость на Днестре в Молдове

Bender — Chobruchi.
Catamaran travel on the Dniester River

Bender — Tiraspol — Citskani — Chobruchi


2 days


7 pers.


185 euro




We will spend two days traveling along the river on a comfortable catamaran.  
We will visit the Turkish fortress and enjoy a walkabout two Transnistrian cities, and then ride through the numerous winding meanders of the river, which create some unique islands of wildlife.

The overnight will be organized in a cozy mobile campsite with a shower, toilet, camping furniture, and comfortable sleeping places. You can learn more about our camp here.


  • transfer by a comfortable mini-bus

  • permit for staying in the border area

  • meals

  • common first aid kit

  • comfortable catamaran with engine

  • excursion program, including entrance tickets

  • accommodation in a comfortable mobile campsite (shower, toilet, furniture, special beds for sleeping, tents)

  • instructor and guide services


  • you need a personal identity document for the border area.

  • children under the age of 16 are allowed only when accompanied by parents.

  • children under the age of 10 are given a 50% discount if they do not take a passenger seat. Comfortable additional seats will be prepared on the catamaran for children.

  • children under the age of 5 can be taken aboard only if the crew are members of one family or close relatives.

  • menu is negotiated at the preparation stage, before the departure.


  • insurance

  • hotel accommodation

  • drinks

  • personal gear (rental is available)

  • tips (optional)


  • clothing for trekking and swimming

  • shoes for trekking and swimming

  • sunscreen, cap, sunglasses

  • other personal gear (sleeping bag, headlamp)

  • individual first aid kit


Day 1. Kishinev — Bender — Tiraspol — Suclea

At nine in the morning, we leave Kishinev and head to Bender. Here we will take a short walk around the city with a visit to the Turkish fortress, which was once in the center of confrontation between the world powers — the Ottoman and the Russian Empires. During the tour, we will learn about the intriguing events of the Russian-Turkish wars and about some famous personalities of that time associated with the cities and fortresses of the lower Dniester.

Bender fortress on the Dniester river, Transnistria

After finishing our walk around the fortress, we will move to the riverbank, where we will begin our journey by water. Despite the presence of two major cities nearby, many different species of wild birds can be found on the Dniester. Some sections of the river between Bender and Tiraspol still look like pristine islands of wildlife, striking in their beauty.

a Dniester river excursion on a catamaran
a trip along the Dniester on the River Travel Club catamaran

Winding along the meanders of the Dniester, after a while we will find ourselves in the very center of Tiraspol, at the public square by François Sainte de Wollant, the first architect of the city. We can take a short walk around the city and observe the life of its inhabitants in the very heart of the unrecognized republic.

the monument to Suvorov in Tiraspol, Dniester river travel in Moldova

After a while, we will return to our catamaran and continue our journey on the river. Here and further downstream, the river banks are not steep and covered with dense floodplain vegetation.

In the evening, we will stop at one of the wild river beaches. Our camp will be set there ready to welcome us for a night's rest.

Day 2. Suclea — Chobruchi — Kishinev

Dniester river travel on a catamaran

Today we will spend enjoying the wild nature of the river. In total, we will walk cover about 35 kilometers. Along the way, we will see a variety of wild bird species, floodplain forests, numerous islets, and wild river beaches, where we can stop, swim and relax. We finish our itinerary in Chiobruci.

wild ducks on the Dniester, Moldova
Dniester Inferior, Moldova

If possible, we will also visit the real archaeological excavations nearby, in the village of Glinoe. For many years now, archaeologists have been excavating ancient burial mounds here, exploring the graves of nomadic peoples, who once made the banks of the Dniester River their home. Most of the burials are associated with the legendary Scythians who lived in the Budzhak steppes more than two and a half thousand years ago.

Our journey ends here, and we go back to Kishinev, where we arrive in the evening.

If you wish, you can brighten up your evening with a small wine tasting in the center of Kishinev and share your travel impressions.

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